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How it works


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We provide continual education and training for all staff


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We manage your offshore team and ensure quality standards

See our staff experience and capabilities in:


  • Create stunning and interactive Excel Dashboards
  • Use and manipulate date and time functions
  • Use functions like HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP
  • Create nested condition formulae
  • Create intelligent Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
  • Everything else


  • Convert rough PowerPoint slides into polished final presentations
  • Create stunning custom templates and slide masters
  • Link videos, Excel charts and other objects within presentations
  • Tell a cohesive data or research story in PowerPoint
  • Everything else

Data Visualization

  • Create stunning visualizations and infographics
  • Expert chart selection and design
  • Well thought out insights to accompany your visualizations
  • Visualization expertise in Tableau, d3.js, ggplot, ggvis and Excel

Data Pre-Processing and Analysis

  • Expert data pre-processing so that your data is ready for analysis
  • Perform detailed descriptive analysis of your datasets, large or small
  • Use a range of statistical methods to find the hidden relationships in your data


  • Write full end to end R and Python programs
  • Advanced understanding of loops, functions and everything else
  • Understands how create clear, well commented, readable code

What resources are available?

Data Processor

Data Processor

I can gather, enter and process your data

Data Visualiser

Data Visualiser

I can create stunning charts and infographics



I can analyse your data and tell engaging data stories

Senior Analyst

Senior Analyst

I can create business ready statistical and machine learning models

Data Scientist

Data Scientist

I can handle high volume, high velocity and unstructured datasets

Our Outsourcing Process

Week 1: Gather Client Requirements

DataSeer works with you to determine the full scope of your business requirements. We take the information you provide and put together a proposal for the outsourcing model we think would be the best fit for you at this time, depending on your needs. Once we have determined the size of your team, DataSeer presents you with our recommended internal candidates that you can pick from our outsourcing bench. All DataSeer employees are rigorously screened, trained and professional. If you have specialized requirements, we will also at this time initiate our recruitment drive to find the perfect hire for your team. Our experienced recruiters have many years of experience in the field, and will use their expertise and networks to find you the perfect fit.

Weeks 2-3: Orientation and Integration

Usually, we are able to find your perfect resource within 0-3 weeks. After placement, the remote staff member is issued an email address from your company and starts to integrate seamlessly with your onshore team. After a brief orientation, your DataSeer resource would undergo training from the client according to your needs. This is a crucial stage, as it sets expectations and allows both the client and the remote staff member to learn about each other. The client should provide the DataSeer resource with the required background to help them perform their function; this can include training materials, access to online portals, employee handbooks, software and other legacy systems, and provide a pathway for mutual success.

Weeks 4-5: Feedback and Continuing Engagement

At this point your DataSeer resource (by now an integral part of your team) has worked in their role for some time and it’s time for feedback. DataSeer will ask you to fill out a feedback form to ensure that you are receiving a high quality experience, and take on any suggestions or criticism you might have. With this information we will continue to improve your offshore team experience, provide coaching if required, or in extreme cases replace an underperforming staff member. Formal feedback between will continue on a quarterly basis for the entirety of your outsourcing engagement with DataSeer.

Week 5: …and beyond

We can discuss options for growing the size of your team, career planning for your resources, training in specialised areas or even starting your own offshore company in the Philippines.

Information Security

At DataSeer, we take our client’s information security needs seriously. To learn more about our information security process, click here ».

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