It’s been another big year for Data.

With last year’s numbers rolling in throughout the industry, it’s obvious that data has had another big year. With solid growth in the SE Asian markets, and with the mobile sector sky rocketing, there seems to be no signs of abatement. It is now truer than ever that the rise of data is both permanent and exponential. That’s not to say that there haven’t been significant challenges in the market. The primary challenge remains education and training to fill the skills gap. The war for analytics talent is hard won, and companies continue to struggle to assemble teams that can move their organization to the top of the analytics value chain.

2014 saw incremental changes in SE Asian analytics activity. In the banking sector, we saw banks making their first careful steps into data linkage and customer analytics. In the retail sector, data liberation still remains a large concern, as companies grapple with the consequences and repercussions of being first movers in the data sharing game. Finally, we saw people analytics reach critical mass, with HR departments in the region making increasing use of predictive analytics to better attract, target and retain the right candidates whilst keeping them engaged. However, these challenges remain exactly that: challenges to be overcome. DataSeer remains determined to be the best among those to meet them head on. With a rapidly expanding headcount, more commercial analytics projects than ever before, and a newly expanded commercial product suite, I’m thrilled to see what the next year will bring.

This year also sees the launch of the DataSeer Data Science bootcamp. An end-to-end 9 week Data Science course, this joint initiative with Pointwest Technologies marks the first comprehensive Data Science training bootcamp in the region. Providing a grounding in the full data science technology stack, the bootcamp also includes a firm grounding in statistical theory. Teaching has always been one of my passions, and I can’t wait to see the DataSeer bootcamp add to the SE Asian data science skills pool

No message from the MD would be complete without an inspirational quote, and in this I’m not willing to be an outlier: David Leonhardt from the NY Times, when asked what Big Data was tells us:

Big Data is nothing more than a tool for capturing reality — just as newspaper reporting, photography and long-form journalism are. But it’s an exciting tool, because it holds the potential of capturing reality in some clearer and more accurate ways than we have been able to do in the past.

Like David, I’m committed to the future of data analytics and the new data horizon, and to firmly grasp the nettle in the coming year.