Complete Big Data and Analytics Value Chain Prime

Complete Big Data and Analytics Value Chain Primer for Managers and Executives


The rise of big data and analytics is changing the way we must plan for and structure data initiatives within the modern corporation. However, the exact way forward is often unclear – managers and executives must now grapple with an increasingly complex ecosystem of big data and analytics technologies.

This course provides participants with vendor agnostic answers to big data and analytics questions that all modern corporations must face within the next 5 years. These questions include:

What is the current state of big data and how will it affect our business in the next 5 years?

How can we leverage our internal and external data sources to take full advantage of the new data environment?

How can we select an initial analytics project that will generate internal stakeholder support and justify further investments in analytics in the future?

Additionally, this course also covers data security in 2015, analytics project risk, integrating analytics initiatives with firm wide strategic plans, data linkage across departments, big data technologies (including Hadoop) and big data in the cloud. Finally, participants are introduced to the concept of the analytics value chain and how they can position their organization to move toward full analytics maturity.

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Complete Big Data and Analytics Value Chain Primer for Managers and Executives

Suitable For

This course builds core skills for analysts and data scientists who are already familiar with R and are ready to move on to higher levels of the analytics value chain.

Candidates who will benefit most from the course include:

  • Graduate hires who are on track toward a career in analytics or data science
  • Managers and executives who wish to use machine learning methods to target customers and reduce costs
  • Candidates already working in analyst positions, including (but not limited to) positions involved with data analytics, digital and marketing analytics, customer and market analysis


It is recommended that students have completed an undergraduate degree in a quantitative discipline and have also completed Statistics and R Programming for Business Applications or an equivalent introductory R programming course.

Laptop Required Specs

Intel i3 processor, 2GB RAM
Either Mac or Windows operating system

Software Requirements


Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Generate a big data and analytics roadmap for their company, including a migration strategy toward best practices
  • Understand how to identify, rank and select analytics projects
  • Understand the risks and benefits of analytics projects
  • Understand the data security and confidentiality landscape in 2015
  • Understand the big data technology ecosystem and where their organization fits in relation to this ecosystem
  • Understand how to leverage cloud technologies within the context of big data and analytics projects.


1-2 students: 11,500 PHP each
3-5 students: 10,350 PHP each
6+ students: 10,000 PHP each

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