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With DataSeer’s industry unique Analyst-for-day program, you set the task, you set the instructions and leave the rest to us

Try our Analyst-for-a-Day Free Trial to make sure we can service your business needs. Got questions? Head to our FAQ.


  1. What is the Analyst-for-a-day-trial?
    • It’s our unique program where you can test a DataSeer analyst with an actual business task. You upload your supporting files (eg your dataset, excel file or csv for example), fill out your instructions and hit submit. We’ll receive your request, assign it to an appropriate analyst and get them working on your submission right away.
  2. What kind of tasks can I assign? How long can it be? What kind of deliverable can I expect?
    • Just like in the title, our trial lasts for one business day (8 hours). We are very flexible with the data types and reports we can generate; just let us know in the instructions what you’ll need. If the task is open ended, your analyst will complete as far as he can within the day and submit at the end. Deliverables can be anything from R code, to excel databases, to graphic design; the only limitation is the one business day.
  3. How much does it cost? Do I need to enter any credit card details? What’s the catch?
    • No catch! No credit card, no intrusive sign up, and we promise we won’t do anything with your email address. We’re confident that you’ll be so impressed with our work, that you’ll want to engage the analyst you’re working with by the end.
  4. How do I know the analyst I assigned is the one doing the work?
    • As soon as we assign you an analyst, he’ll be in touch right away. He’ll liaise with you to introduce himself to you, ask for any additional information or questions he might have, and generally be in touch. While it’s certainly not required, most of our analyst-for-a-day trial clients end up exchanging a number of emails (or even having live chat sessions) with their assigned analyst. There will be no doubt in your mind that you’re dealing with a highly trained professional by the end of your trial.
  5. What if I’m in a different time zone?
    • Don’t worry, we’re used to all kinds of time zones. We’ll work with your schedule to make sure you get your full 8-hour trial even if we have to break it over 2 business days where you are. Please note: we don’t offer night shift, so all of our workers work standard business hours in the Manila time zone: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (UTC +08:00).
  6. I want to trial something you haven’t got listed…
    • Go ahead and email us. We have analysts and professionals from all disciplines, with skills far too numerous to list exhaustively on our site. We’ll do our best to find someone for you.
  7. How much do your analysts cost to hire?
    • We have very competitive pricing, perhaps the best in the world. We’ll be happy to talk about pricing once you’re happy with the work, as our prices vary with the level of experience of your analyst; remember we have everything from data prep to data scientists.
  8. I’ve still got some questions

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