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Our Difference - Real Business Datasets

Computer science and statistics courses from the University sector do not create professionals who are prepared for the rigors of commercial data. Real business data is often large (millions of rows), high dimensional (hundreds of variables), unstructured and high velocity. It is also rarely clean, awash with missing values, data breaks and outliers.

All of our courses utilise real commercial datasets that will prepare you for the information you will encounter in your next role as a data scientist or analyst.

Data is useless without the skill to analyze it.

Data alone is merely a commodity. It’s data scientists and analysts who breathe life into this data and create value, advantage and impact. And the business world agrees–McKinsey predicts that the United States alone faces a shortage of 140,000-190,000 people with deep analytical skills.

We train the region’s analytics talent so that they are prepared to face the challenges and opportunities posed by the new data environment.

Our Courses

Course 1 - Data Storytelling for Business - Manila

2 Days – Certification Included
Join our industry leading Data Storytelling course to learn everything you need about data visualisation, large datasets and how to tell an engaging story with your data.

Dec 02-03, 2019

Course 2 - Excel Analytics Ninja - Manila

2 Days – Certification Included
The first step is to begin with the fundamentals of data analytics. In this tool, you will learn how to organize, analyze and interpret analytics using real business datasets. 

Feb 04-05, 2020

Course 3 - Advanced Visualization and Dashboard Design - Manila

2 Day – Certification Included
Take your visualization and dashboard skills to the next level.

Jan 22-23, 2020

Course 4 - Introduction to R Programming for Business Intelligence - Manila

2 Days – Certification Included
Use R and Azure ML Studio to build and tune advanced machine learning models.

Course 5 - Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning - Manila

2 Days – Certification Included
Learn how to complete data science projects in the latest tools.

Download our 2019 Training Prospectus PDF for a detailed course outline for each course

About the lead trainer

Isaac Reyes, Data Scientist and TEDx Speaker
Isaac is currently the Head of Data Science at Altis Consulting, Australia’s largest and most experienced Information Management consulting firm in Australia/New Zealand. Isaac has lectured in analytics and statistical theory at the Australian National University, AIM and the University of Canberra. Learn more >>

Teaching Experience

What our attendees say

Took Data Storytelling, and it was insightful from start to finish. Combine a celebrated instructor, well-thought out material, an energetic and responsive organising team and awesome co-trainees from different backgrounds and you’ve got a great package. There is so much to learn in this wide field, and they simply nailed it. They made it such that even a guy like me who is not an analytics practitioner could grasp fully. This certification was worth the time, money, and effort. I wish nothing but the best for the minds behind this training course. Thank you DataSeer!

Course Attendee

Anyone who is skeptical of the power of machine learning and AI needs to take this course. I left challenged, excited and honestly afraid of the predictive power of these models! I liked the emphasis on hold out test set error – after all, that’s the whole point of modelling. I also liked how the instructor related each model to a real project where they had used that model. Now I just need to convince management to let us use R!

Course Attendee

I had no idea that data visualisation could be so fascinating and interesting. I really liked the part on the Gestalt principals of perception. Super applicable and what an engaging presenter. My visualisations will never be the same!

Course Attendee

I like that I have a better handle on the backend workings of regression, instead of just automatically generating it using a tool.

Course Attendee

Isaac, thank you so much for the training course you delivered to our team. We’ve been through multiple trainings over the last year and this one was by far the best. The whole team is excited to apply their new data storytelling skills to our decks. Can’t wait for the next course!

Course Attendee

We also offer custom training solutions that suit your objectives and skills base.

Schedule of Courses

DataSeer holds a number of trainings in international venues around the world. Please see below for the upcoming courses, and register today.