Digital Analytics Audit and Strategy Check

DataSeer offers a comprehensive
web analytics audit of your website

Q: Why audit your site?

Many companies deploy expensive web marketing initiatives, including adbuys and pay-per-click campaigns, without the ideal analytics setup to measure how effective these campaigns prove. At other times, an organisation may deploy an expensive new property but fail to properly integrate analytics and reporting. This wastes both time and money, and worse, could be giving you the wrong insights on what is most effective for your company and how best to spend your marketing budget. Even more likely, the goals of every company change over time, and your web properties should reflect your current focus. Are you looking for leads, providing content, looking to build brand awareness and loyalty or a combination of the three?

A web audit ensures that not only that your website is clearly delineating your current goals, but that you can accurately measure how well and how consistently you are achieving these goals. Complex web properties need periodic maintenance of the codebase to make sure the site is still effectively returning analytics to your company. Over time, as your website evolves and the internet changes, it becomes more likely that your tagging solution shows errors, that your javascript needs updating, and that you ensure that the data you’re collecting is verified.

What will the audit look at?

A DataSeer Web Audit has 3 simple but powerful stages:

  • Determine your strategic goals and decide how best to achieve them

    A DataSeer web analyst will meet with you and run through our comprehensive checklist to determine what you want to achieve with your website, and how it can be achieved. We will speak with your marketing/ advertising/ web team to determine exactly what your short and long term goals are, what your current strategy is, and what the best metrics are to measure them.

  • Verify your current analytics and tagging solution

    Our analyst will check through your current analytics solution, verifying internal data, checking your site is tagged properly, and that your tags are firing appropriately. We will check your naming conventions, check your code and run internal tests, among numerous other tasks.

  • Test your site from the visitor Perspective

    Checking the internal configurations is not always enough; our analysts will use tools to scan your site from the outside, and ensure that when users visit your site, their experience is being properly captured and recorded by your analytics tools. This is a crucial step where we filter out the noise, and make sure you are receiving clean, relevant analytics.

Q: What will I get from the audit?

    You will receive a full site audit report that will outline:

  1. A summary of your objectives, and our recommendations in order to achieve them
  2. Our step-by-step audit process through your web properties
  3. What we discovered; any code faults, outdated or misfiring tags, misconfigurations or deviances from best practices
  4. How we fixed them, or our recommendations for fixing them
  5. Updated reports and filters according to your goals
  6. Our recommendations for future site maintenance and reporting

How much will it cost?

Our pricing is dependent on the complexity and size of your web properties: not all sites are created equal. Our audit uses both automated and manual tools to ensure that you get the best possible outcome, and as such each audit is different. What we can promise you is that a website audit almost always shows positive ROI, and is one of the best ways to make sure your online presence is delivering your message effectively.

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