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Web Professionals

DataSeer provides Web professionals from every vertical, including UI/UX, web architects, front-end/back-end and the elusive full stack developer. Whether your requirement is minor web page maintenance on existing sites or a full multi-site deployment with complex back end and systems integration, DataSeer can source and place a web professional with you.

Level: Junior Web Developers Level 2: Web Developers Level 3: Senior Web Developers
Level: Junior Web Developers

With 0-12 months experience, a junior resource can perform simple web design in CSS, HTML and other languages. Junior Web Developers are perfect for tasks centred around fixes, maintenance and non-time critical development. Junior web devs are a great resource to grow into more specialised roles, and can be sourced at highly competitive rates.

Level 2: Web Developers

With 1 – 3 years’ experience, a web developer has experience with specific frameworks and content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. A DataSeer Web Developer will have multiple languages in their arsenal, including PHP and Javascript. A professional, a Web Developer can be depended on to plan and code responsive websites from beginning to completion, and maintain and learn complex web systems.

Level 3: Senior Web developers

With anywhere from 3 to 10 years’ experience, a DataSeer Senior Web Dev is a seasoned professional with extensive experience. An expert in HTML, CSS and more, a senior developer can be expected to follow best practices, have numerous completed web projects under their belts, and lead a team of junior web developers if necessary. Skillsets vary widely, but you can expect your Senior Web Dev to be able to quickly come up to speed on new languages and be able to lead and guide your web based objectives.

IT and Network Professionals

The traditional IT space is a critical business unit in any organization, and DataSeer recognizes that organizations need key staff to help prevent and foresee IT related issues. A DataSeer IT professional can help defray rising IT costs without sacrificing professionalism, technical competence or reliability.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Level 1

With 0-18 months experience, Level 1 IT employees are ideal for helpdesk and basic network troubleshooting. These IT professionals can quickly familiarise themselves with enterprise level systems, and assist in clearly defined IT tasks quickly and professionally. Like other junior resources, they can be quickly upskilled to specific systems and can sourced at highly competitive rates.

Level 2

With 1.5 – 3 years of experience, a Level 2 DataSeer resource can be expected hold relevant industry certifications, be familiar with programming languages and scripting, and have the ability to rapidly assimilate into any existing IT or Network team. A Level 2 resource can also be relied upon to manage critical systems, provide guidance and advice to management regarding best practices in specific areas and monitor and administrate critical business functions.

Level 3

With 3- 15 years of experience in the IT space, a Level 3 IT professional has extensive knowledge of multiple systems, usually including (if required) specific legacy systems. A Level 3 resource can lead a team, displays effective project management, and can closely align with company management to advise on upcoming deployments, using his substantial domain knowledge for the client’s benefit.

Developer and Database Professionals

With mobile development demand skyrocketing, DataSeer recognizes the value and necessity that many companies have for top flight developers across all skill and experience levels. Providing you with everything from code maintenance to new product development, a DataSeer developer can help any organisation.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Level 1

With 0-12 months experience, a Level 1 developer is proficient in 1-2 languages, and will be familiar with at least 1 web framework. A Level 1 developer can write scripts, review code and debug his own code, and under supervision, be relied upon to produce functional, clean code. Basic developers are an excellent option for upskilling and can be sourced at very competitive rates to integrate into a blended team.

Level 2

With 1 -3 years’ experience a level 2 Developer has considerable experience with software solutions, systems and databases. He can be relied upon to work independently, and will have a high degree of competence in a number of different technologies. Level 2 Developers can also integrate quickly into developer teams or other business units as required.

Level 3

With 3-10 years’ experience, a Level 3 Developer is a team lead. You can expect experts in Agile and Scrum methodologies, as well as high degrees of competences in a number of both high and low level languages. A Level 3 developer can roll out complete solutions by himself if required, and has the requisite soft skills to present to all levels of management.

Multimedia and Design Professionals

DataSeer creatives blend technical know-how and creative flair to help organizaations achieve their vision and create a unique identity. Ranging from drafters and graphic designers, to UI/UX professionals, DataSeer can provide design professionals for every stage of the creative process.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Level 1

With 0 -12 months experience, a Level 1 resource will have experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and other design packages. They can be relied upon to come up with their own concepts, and will usually possess exposure to other artistic forms, including graphic design, typography, animation and a range of other skills.

Level 2

With 1- 3 years’ experience, a Level 2 Design professional will have worked on a number of high quality projects, with time critical deliverables, and high quality work. A Level 2 Design professional will have at least one highly developed design specialization, and can work independently with minimal oversight.

Level 3

With over 3 years’ experience, a Level 3 Design professional can help lead your design team, has a high level of technical skill, and can effectively and professionally liaise across different business groups. A Level 3 Design professional often has both a creative and technical background, and is versatile in web and other technical areas if required.

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