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Web Professionals

DataSeer provides Web professionals from every vertical, including UI/UX, web architects, front-end/back-end and the elusive full stack developer. Whether your requirement is minor web page maintenance on existing sites or a full multi-site deployment with complex back end and systems integration, DataSeer can source and place a web professional with you. LEARN MORE


IT and Network Professionals

The traditional IT space is still ranks among critical business units in most organizations, and DataSeer recognizes that organizations need key staff to help prevent and foresee IT related issues. A DataSeer IT professionals can help defray rising IT costs without sacrificing professionalism, technical competence or reliability. LEARN MORE


Developer and Database Professionals

With mobile development demand skyrocketing, DataSeer recognizes the value and necessity that many companies have for top flight developers across all skill and experience levels. Providing you with everything from code maintenance to new product development, a DataSeer developer can help any organisation launch or maintain their applications. LEARN MORE


Multimedia and Design Professionals

DataSeer creatives blend technical know-how and creative flair to help organizaations achieve their vision and create a unique identity. Ranging from drafters and graphic designers, to UI/UX professionals, DataSeer can provide design professionals for every stage of the creative process.

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