Google Analytics 360


Google Analytics 360 is the enterprise level solution that combine the familiarity and ease of Google Analytics and adds huge scalability, Double Click integration and high levels of customizability. For web properties with 100 million hits/month or high levels of ecommerce transactions, Google Analytics 360 is a powerful tool that can supercharge your analytics with unsampled reporting.

Key Features

Unsampled Data

With large numbers of visitors, standard analytics solutions default to data sampling to approximate your site analytics. With Google Analytics 360 and a baseline of 1 billion hits per month, you’ll never be sampled again. Get a drilled down granular view of your data, up to individual sessions, across millions of users and pageviews, and harness the full power of advanced attribution including the Google Analytics 360 exclusive data-driven attribution model

Extreme Customization

With 200 custom dimensions and metrics, Google Analytics 360 represents a huge upgrade over the standard edition. Add to this the new Roll Up Properties, and you have an enterprise solution to collecting and analysing your data all from the same interface.

Guaranteed Fresh Data

Google Analytics 360 comes with a bulletproof 4-Hour data freshness SLA. And most of the time, it’s almost instant. With fresh reports at your fingertips every day, you can make game changing business decisions and react to new information quickly and easily.

End-to-end Deployment and Training

Deploying your Google Analytics 360 solution with DataSeer comes with valuable extra services: at no extra cost.

  • A full site audit and report
  • Full implementation guide, including strategic planning with key stakeholders in your organization
  • Advanced implementation by trained DataSeer web analysts tailored to your organization and your web properties
  • Unparalleled implementation support, with a DataSeer Senior Technical Analyst on-site to assist 1 day per week for the duration of the engagement
  • A full upgrade to Universal Analytics or reconfiguration of your current Google Analytics platform
  • Custom reports and filters aligned with your strategic needs
  • Custom on-site Google Analytics 360 training for your staff
  • Full technical support on all Google Analytics 360 related issues, including deployment and integration with your existing systems
  • A dedicated account manager to oversee and assist with all parts of your Google Analytics Premium deployment

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