Reporting and Dashboards

DataSeer creates high customized dashboards and reports for your organizational needs from your analytics data. Get everything from valuable top-down, high level overviews to granular views of your company’s data.


Our reports are configured in Google Analytics, and reflect your unique business needs. We take your data and configure and visualise it so that you understand the data, and draw insights from accurate, on time, and appropriate information.


We create customised dashboards for at-a-glance, up to date business use. Ranging from granular session data, or top down overviews and trends, our dashboards are designed to give you the ability to be constantly on top of your analytics.


Alerts allow you to react instantly to critical business events. From unexpected spiked from a viral video, to monitoring failsaves, our alert configuration allows you to define your business normal, and notifies you instantly when the abnormal occurs. Whether you are after risk mitigation or to maximize upside from an unexpected event, alerts allow you to move from reacting in days and hours, to reacting as it happens.

Innovative Reporting

If knowing is half the battle, the other half is knowing the right thing. Our insights team will work with your marketing and web team to ensure that your measurements are contextualised and understood, making the necessary leap from information to actions easy, intuitive, and backed by rock solid data.

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